An autopsy was performed on 'The Bachelor' star Gia Allemand, perhaps giving her loved ones some closure -- but don't expect those details to go public.

Allemand passed away yesterday following a suicide attempt (reportedly by hanging) that left her without brain or organ function, leaving her on life support that was later pulled.

Allemand's rep says the starlet "passed away peacefully with her mother, boyfriend and other life-long friends by her side. As a practicing Christian, Gia did receive the sacrament of last rites."

But the grisly, more macabre details will likely not be confirmed.

"Cause of death is not public information in the State of Louisiana unless it is a violent death like a homicide or it occurs in a public place or is a public hazard or health hazard or is an accidental fatality like a car accident," New Orleans Coroner's Office Chief Investigator John Gagliano told E! News. "We don't discuss suicides and natural deaths—that is prohibited."

Gagliano also revealed that the coroner will "not be releasing any statements" regarding the cause of death because "those must come from the family." Gagliano said he was unaware whether toxicology tests had been performed, but stated that information may not be released regardless.

As for Allemand's funeral, it will be open to the public, but not to the media. Her rep told E! News, "Gia Allemand's funeral will take place in New York at the Papavero Funeral Home. A date is not confirmed at this time. The funeral will be open to the public, yet no cameras or cell phones will be permitted inside. Many friends from the 'Bachelor' family are expected to be in attendance."

Our thoughts are with Allemand's loved ones at this time.

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