Rihanna is an avowed fashion plate, but even she has days where she dresses down and goes somewhat casual.

We said "somewhat." Because even then, she's still retains an element of high style.

During a recent trip to New York, the fond-of-posing-topless singer wore a graphic tee, short shorts and cute flats, topped off by a blazer that was one of her best "street chic" looks ever.

We've taken the liberty of recreating the sexy look for you, and at a fraction of the cost -- our version will only set you back about $200.

Who wears short shorts? Rih wears short shorts. Grab a pair at the mall to copy hers to the tune of just $25. Expect to get lots of summer use out of 'em, especially as the mercury rises.

Then show your passion for fashion with a Karl Lagerfeld tee. The designer heads up Chanel and is revered for his divine sense of taste. Plus, the fashion world adores his white hair and fingerless gloves, both of which are his sigs. If you wear a graphic Karl tee, you pretty much announce to the world that you are a fashion plate.

The blazer unifies the whole look and holds it together, giving it a little polish, as do the shoes. Since the look is inherently sexy, adding heels with Daisy Dukes would make it appear trashy and take the styling down several rungs. The ankle-strap flats are exactly what this get-up needs.

Without either piece, this ensemble is just a pair of cutoffs and a tee, ripe for summer weather. With 'em, it's an "outfit," one in which you can hit the clubs or the bars. It's also cute datewear.

Even better? The bank ain't broken.

True Solumate Women's Denim Cutoff Shorts, Tillys, $24.99
Karl Lagerfeld Graphic Cotton Jersey T-shirt, Net-a-Porter, $39.60
Blazer, Black, Wallis Fashion, $58
Kongo Flats, Steve Madden, Macy's, $89