Congrats to George Lucas. The 'Star Wars' mastermind is engaged to Mellody Hobson.

PEOPLE reports that Lucas, 68, and Hobson, 43, have been dating since 2006.

Before you're all "Mellody who?" and assume she's a golddigger, rest assured: This girl's got her own cash and doesn't need his.

Hobson is the chairman (Chairwoman? Chairperson? We're trying not to be sexist here) of DreamWorks Animation as well as a regular financial contributor to 'Good Morning America.' She heads the Chicago investment management firm Ariel Investments Llc., and was even been profiled in Esquire as one of America's "Best and Brightest," thankyouverymuch.

This will be Hobson's first marriage and Lucas' second. A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, he was previously wed to film editor Marcia Lou Griffin, with whom he has an adopted daughter. Lucas and Griffin split in 1983; he's since adopted two more children on his own.

Here's hoping any characters they create on their honeymoon aren't as annoying or useless as Jar Jar Binks.