Looks like Selma Blair won't be becoming a goddess anytime soon.

Charlie Sheen has major beef with his 'Anger Management' co-star, and it's escalated to a point where he's acting like a complete prima donna -- telling producers that if she shows up on the set, he's going to take his ball and go home.

The ruckus started when Blair, who's been on the sitcom for a year, bitched to executives that Charlie was late more often than not and had questionable work ethics. When Charlie found out, he was furious (and we all know what happens when he gets mad).

Charlie allegedly thought Selma stepped over a boundary by badmouthing him on his own show, and noted how he had to memorize 40 pages of lines as opposed to her two pages.

TMZ reports series insiders are saying Sheen told everyone that he had personally fired Selma -- something he may not even be able to do -- and that if the 'Hellboy' starlet comes to work, he'll bail on the production like a true professional.

They're also saying Charlie plans to offer Mila Kunis a 10-episode story arc at $1 million per episode -- which would not only provide viewers a suitable alternative to Selma, but give the tabloids something new to talk about (Mila is, of course, the girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher, Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' replacement).

No word from Selma's camp about any of this, but if they're smart, they're not letting any of Charlie's fans near her house.

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