Benjamin Franklin once said death and taxes are pretty much the only certainties of life. And while it's certainly possible to hide from the IRS, even celebrities -- with all their money, fame and power -- can have trouble pulling it off. Here are 10 of Hollywood's most famous tax dodgers.

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    Lauryn Hill

    In 2012, the eight-time Grammy winner  was charged with failing to file tax returns between 2005-2007 -- during which her income was more than $1 million. She eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to three months in federal prison.

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    Joe Francis

    Back in 2007, the 'Girls Gone Wild' founder was indicted for allegedly trying to write off $20 million in phony business deductions, and two years later, the IRS filed a lien against him. He managed to dodge punishment, but karma finally caught up with him when he was sentenced to prison earlier this year (for a far more violent offense).

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    Nicolas Cage

    Despite amassing at least $100 million in earnings, Cage is rather infamous for his tax woes. In 2009, he found himself a staggering $14 million in arrears and sold several houses to help get himself square with the IRS, but as recently as last year, he was still paying down the debt.

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    Wesley Snipes

    He's been in dozens of movies, but these days, Snipes is almost more famous for his tax troubles. In 2010, he was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to file about a decade's worth of taxes (and he actually did his time).

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    Marc Anthony

    The singer also known as the third Mr. Jennifer Lopez didn't file taxes between 2000 and 2004, and was eventually ordered to pay $2.5 million to Uncle Sam (which he did). But because intent to cheat is part of actually being prosecuted for tax evasion, the charges against Anthony were dropped after he was able to show he thought his accountant had filed the required tax documents.

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    Lindsay Lohan

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    Willie Nelson

    The legendary country singer has had equally legendary problems with the IRS. In 1990, after they went after him for $16.7 million and seized his assets, he struck an unusual repayment deal, and part of it was the album 'The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?' But it all worked out in the end, though -- his file has been marked "paid in full" since 1993.

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    O.J. Simpson

    Given all his other crimes (or, uh, "alleged" crimes), the Juice isn't really known for being a tax cheat -- but in 2007, the state of California went after him for $1.4 million. Since O.J.'s currently serving three decades in a Nevada prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, though, chances are good the Golden State will never get its money.

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    Sophia Loren

    To a certain generation of men, the idea of screen siren Sophia Loren locked up in an Italian prison might be the stuff of fantasy -- but in 1982, she really did serve 17 days of a 30-day sentence for tax evasion.

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    Pamela Anderson

    Earlier this year, the 'Bay Watch' actress put her Malibu home on the market after being dinged with two tax liens -- one from the IRS and one from California -- totaling more than $370,000. (California also placed a lien on her for $1.7 million in 2009.)

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