Since the fountain of youth is a myth perpetrated by that silly fictional adventurer Ponce de León, Hollywood celebrities must rely on plastic surgeons to help them keep their youthful appearances. Or at least try to.

From aging celebs who become walking billboards for what not to do to your face to young actresses who think their bodies could be even better, Hollywood is full of stars willing to go under the knife. Sometimes it works out for the best, but more often than not it causes people in the street to run away screaming, "Dear God, what is that thing?"

Regardless, it's a Hollywood tradition that isn't going away anytime soon. We apologize in advance for any faces you won't be able to unsee or noses that were ruined in the process of achieving monster-like "perfection."

Lindsay Lohan

Evan Agostini, Getty Images / Splash News

Kathy Griffin

NBC / Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Joan Rivers

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Courtney Cox

Getty Images / Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Heidi Montag

Peter Kramer / Jesse Grant, Getty Images

Mickey Rourke

Diane Freed / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Donatella Versace

Dave Benett / Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

Bruce Jenner

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Lisa Rinna

Diane Freed / Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne

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Kenny Rogers

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Rose McGowan

Vince Bucci / Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Kim Kardashian

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