He-Man, you Nicki Minaj. Get it? Get it? Yeah, you got it.

Minaj probably dressed like main character He-Man from the 1980s cartoon 'Masters of the Universe' subconsciously -- or considering the fact that this is Nicki Minaj, it might have been totally on purpose. The internet is still undecided. But based on some lyrics of hers, she does know the show exists. As she raps in the song 'Out of My Mind' alongside B.o.B, "You can be the He-Man, Imma be the She-Ra." Case closed.

When He-Man isn't being He-Man (which pretty much entails fighting Skeletor and occasionally falling for Courteney Cox, depending on the adaptation), he is Prince Adam, the pink-wearing royal of the planet Eternia who no one seems to notice is He-Man. Which is ridiculous because all he does to switch personas is get out of his Nicki Minaj clothes and put on a loincloth.

By the power of Grayskull, open your eyes, citizens of Eternia!

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