The plot thickens in the Cee Lo Green sexual abuse case, with more information leaking about the heinous acts 'The Voice' coach supposedly committed at a sushi joint in downtown L.A. this summer.

The woman who filed the claim with police says that back in July, Cee Lo took her to dinner, she had a drink, and the next thing she recalls is waking up in a bed naked in a room with the singer.

TMZ is now reporting that the LAPD obtained taped evidence through a “pretext call” (a call made with the intent to get information from him) that shows Cee Lo admitted to having Ecstasy in his possession on the night of the alleged crime.

Sources told the team that Cee Lo is on tape apologizing for and mentioning MDMA, aka Ecstasy, but never says he put it in her drink. Instead, he says he just wanted them to “have an exciting time together.”

It should be noted that Ecstasy is not known for causing unconsciousness -- we aren't talking about roofies here -- so we're not really sure what the feel-good drug has to do with any of this. (Unless someone really likes the plot of 'The Hangover,' in which case this story doesn't have nearly enough live tigers in it.)

Cee Lo's sources are claiming that the woman went to a civil lawyer to extort money from the singer before filing the case with police, while different sources claim her lawyer contacted Cee Lo's manager asking if he had any STDs and money was never mentioned.

Still other evidence suggests the accuser -- who does not live in California -- filed the case with her local law enforcement, which is why it took so long for the LAPD to get involved.

In other words, no one knows anything. So the whole thing still seems off to us.