We knew something about this was off.

It's come to light that Cee Lo Green's sexual assault accuser has known 'The Voice' judge for almost a year, and their trip to the sushi joint where she was drugged with Ecstasy before waking up naked in a strange place was not their first date.

Which is a pretty good thing, because that would've been the worst first date ever.

Rather than this being a “wham, bam, thank you ma'am” type deal as initially assumed, sources have recently told TMZ that the pair have known each other since they met at the Super Bowl in February.

After spending time together all weekend after the Giants win, she went back home to Texas and Cee Lo returned to L.A., but the pair continued to communicate by phone and through text message. The singer occasionally flew her out for visits -- including the night of the supposed assault.

That night, they reportedly took Ecstasy after dinner and stayed up til the wee hours together. "No one was unconscious," claims another a source close to Cee Lo, probably because Ecstasy is not known to cause blackouts.

This source further alleges that the woman fabricated the whole story because her boyfriend back in Texas heard she was spending time with the singer in L.A., and she needed a cover story to explain things away. To further discredit her, the insider also mentioned that she liked Cee Lo to buy her expensive things and was not above asking his friends for tips on how to get what she wanted from him.

Of course, all these claims are refuted by someone else close to the accuser who says the police have Cee Lo on tape apologizing and mentioning MDMA.

To sum things up: No one still really knows anything.