Country star Carrie Underwood won her sixth Grammy last night, and she did it while lugging around a $31 million necklace.

That's more than most of us will make in a lifetime, much less wear in a lifetime.

Underwood referred to the 381-carat diamond necklace as “heavy” on her “soul” during her red carpet interviews last night, Feb. 10.

"This is worth like more than me, and everything I have, and have ever had and ever will have. I'm afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it," she admitted, saying that the bling did not come with any extra security detail. "Unless they're like lurking. They might be that good."

Gee, good thing there were no jewel thieves on the loose who happened to escape from Arkham Asylum last night. That would have been the worst. Also no word on whether Carrie pocketed a little extra cash for sporting the jewels (as many stars do).

We only have one question for Miss Underwood. Who was watching that necklace when she was standing in for a projection screen?

Carrie Underwood
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

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