With rumors of Britney Spears' possible firing from 'X Factor' circling the internet and much speculation swirling about possible new judges, a FOX exec at the TCA winter press tour said he's still a fan of the 'Toxic' singer.

"I actually thought it went very, very well," admitted FOX Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly, who is probably being flogged by the network as you read these words.

"It was sort of fraught with unknowns, [but] I think Britney did a really good job ... People are really fascinated with her and always will be," he continued. "She's just an interesting figure who's led a unique life, and I thought she brought some of that and people got to know her a little bit.”

Reilly chalks the whole “Brit wasn't cray enough” argument to folks expecting a side of her public persona that no longer exists, saying, "Maybe some people were waiting for more drastic displays of some nature that never came."

Which is exactly correct. The public apparently wanted a loony Britney Spears shaving her head and beating up cars with umbrellas, and what they seemed to get instead was a laid-back yokel who wasn't entirely sure of her surroundings.

No official word yet on if Spears is keeping her job (since Simon Cowell is on an extended vacation covering up his moobs and all) but when Reilly was asked if he himself would have her back next season, he said, "Yeah."

Dude. Calm yourself. Save a little for the show.