Former married couple who disgusted the nation Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are being brought back together over the most practical of circumstances: an unpaid tax bill from the state of California.

Cue a montage of their children re-enacting 'The Parent Trap.'

The ex-lovebirds were slapped with a $37,712.71 bill for unpaid taxes from 2004 and are now being forced to come together to deal with the problem. And Federline will do his part by pitching in that 71 cents, we're sure.

A representative for Britney says the lien was filed in error, while her ex-husband was too busy screaming at cars from the overpass where he lives to give a response.

The money should be no problem for Spears, though, who's raking in the dough from her 'X Factor' appearances and a possible future book that someone else will write for her.

As for Kevin, hopefully the government accepts used turtle shells and antifreeze as currency.