This Valentine's Day, Brad Pitt gave his baby mama Angelina Jolie the gift of clean breath with Eat Whatever breath mints. We can see the card now. You're a breath of fresh air, Valentine!

"It is sort of a joke -- and not,” a source revealed. "He always teases her that she has bad breath. It's a joke gift ... He'll get her something more serious."

Historically, Jolie has been a lot more generous with presents than Pitt has. In 2011, she gave him a diamond pendant worth six figures and bought him a waterfall in California above which the couple plan to build a house. Hey Valentine, I think I'm water-falling for you!

On Valentine's Day 2010, she spent $18,500 on a 200-year-old tree that she had planted on their Chateau Miraval property in France. She also bought him a $1.6 million helicopter complete with flying lessons (probably because she couldn't buy 'Matrix' powers and just upload the pilot skills into his brain).

The insider who told us Jolie has Crypt Keeper breath also promises the couple will be married within the year. For a groom's gift, we're thinking Angelina plans to buy Brad his own wooly mammoth cloned from frozen mammoth DNA, while her beloved is currently eyeing a box of toothpicks.

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