Oscar nominees Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Naomi Watts and Christoph Waltz have boldly gone where many have gone before: on actor/comedian Zach Galifianakis' awkward interview show 'Between Two Ferns' for the website Funny or Die.

The premise of the show relies on the fact that Galifianakis is purposefully the worst interviewer of all time and actors don't have any choice but to deal with him. (Yeah, we don't really get it either.)

In this special Oscar Buzz Edition, Zach plays everyone off his show by pushing a giant red button.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams do the best job of matching dry wits with the host, while Anne Hathaway plays an annoyingly clingy drunk who could not have been dragged away fast enough. We can only hope this is what happens if her inevitable breathless Oscar speech drags on too long.

Watch the second video below to see Zach painfully take on Jessica Chastain, Sally Field and a fake Daniel Day-Lewis (played by tiny 'Webster' star Emmanuel Lewis), before finally getting into a brawl with Bradley Cooper.

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