There were so many great moments on TV this week, including Liz Lemon, 'New Girl,' and our favorite TV Halloween costume ever -- so we've collected them all to bring you the best of the best in animated GIF form. You're welcome.

'New Girl':

We've all had this moment with a guy, trying to hide that he makes us feel anything. Poor Jess.

Heck yes.

And Schmidt goes full Matthew McConaughey in a 'Magic Mike' costume that I happily cannot unsee.

'The Mindy Project':

Girl, we know.

I feel this like, twice a week, at least.

This feels very accurate for our weekly GIFapalooza posts. KEEP UP WITH TV, YOU GUYS.

Best Halloween costume ever.

'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23':

Chloe is living a rom-com nightmare.

'30 Rock':


Tracey said this after explaining why we still call Native Americans "Indians" (because Christopher Columbus was a tool), but feel free to apply this logic to everyday situations.

Well, there is, but whatever.