Did you guys miss TV this week? Like, all of it? Ugh, what is your life. Get cable, loser.

Anyway, here's the best stuff TV gave us this week -- in GIF form!

'30 Rock'

Oh, but it is. Nice butt, Liz Lemon.


Forget Claire Danes, Liz Lemon makes the best Cry-Face.


We feel this.


'The Mindy Project'

Who else is doing this? Is there a support group?


You guys, calm down. TV GIFs unite both needs!


This pretty much sums it up, right?


Mindy teaches a valuable life lesson: Come up with a warrior name before you visit your gynecologist.


'New Girl'

We think this line works well for women and men. Equality!


Don't act like you don't do this at home with the internet all the time.




'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23'

James Van Der Beek cannot find a proper towel.


The proper way to smack someone.


Finally, the female answer to blue balls.


'Parks and Recreation'

Leslie Knope finally meets Joe Biden, the man of her dreams.


We empathize.


Breakfast as a weapon?! That's just rude.


We must protect Joe Biden at all costs, America!