AshLee Frazier from Season 17 of 'The Bachelor' (aka the season of Sean Lowe) shared a picture of herself in her younger years, and thanks to those dark locks, you can barely even tell it's her.

Seriously? Are we sure this is even the same person?

"Napping w B-Boy #tbt #darkhair #zebrapillow? #eek," Frazier captioned the Throwback Thursday photo in which she's sporting dark hair.

We're used to seeing Frazier rocking her sun-kissed blonde ombre hair lately or her dirty blonde hair from the 'Bachelor' days, so that throwback is a big change.

Based on the reactions seen on Twitter, though, her fans dig the raven-haired look.

Come to the dark side, AshLee. We have cookies. No, really -- think about it.

See AshLee Frazier's Light Hair in Comparison

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