We’re guessing that when a young Anne Hathaway took this phone company commercial job, she wasn’t imagining whom she would thank in her Academy Awards acceptance speech. But since we practice our Oscar speeches with a hairbrush in front of a mirror, it’s possible she might have been doing the same.

Either way, because she’s a talented actress with a really good Hollywood machine, she’s got a golden statuette and we’ve still only got a brush -- but it’s refreshing to see that she had to work her way to the top from the humble beginnings of an adorable teen actress in a regional spot.

We can totally see how she got where she is, because in only 30 seconds, her younger self manages to make us sympathize with her adolescent dating angst. Then we’re barraged with boring commercial info we don’t care about when what we really want to see is what happens on the next date.

And, you know, if she wore Valentino or Prada.

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