Despite claims that Brangelina's offspring are a bunch of ill-behaved bratlings, seems they showed off to British locals just how well behaved they really are when Angelina Jolie and her six children recently dropped off their handwritten letters to Santa in Kent, England.

Angelina brought 11-year-old Maddox, 8-year-old Pax, 7-year-old Zahara, 6-year-old Shiloh, 4-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne and the requisite partridge in a pear tree to the rural post office so they could send their holiday wish lists to Father Christmas. (That's what they call him across the pond, you guys.)

Post office assistant Fiona Lindsay told PEOPLE, "It was lovely ... They were all very polite. They were just a bunch of gorgeous, happy kids."

"Just like any other kids in a [candy] shop they were excited, but Angelina controlled them perfectly ... [She] was so polite and a really nice person."

The entire brood is staying in an oxymoronic "luxury converted barn" in Kent while Brad Pitt finishes up scenes for his upcoming film 'World War Z.' Also known as "that movie that looks nothing like Max Brooks' 'World War Z.'"

Despite their high-profile status, the family kept things low-key, only causing a stir when it was time to request their presents from Santa.

This story is in direct conflict with another one making the rounds this week that said Brad and Angie (she lets us call her that) sometimes rent out a pizza place in Springfield, Mo., where the kids go ballistic while their famous parents ignore them. “They jump on tables and even throw food at each other!” an insider for Us Weekly claimed.

But the bucket of internet cold water known as Gossip Cop dispelled that notion by actually calling the owner of the restaurant, who not only said the story isn't true, but that “the last time they were [here], their kids were so well-behaved" and had "good manners." In addition, Jolie “was looking over her shoulder the whole time” and “if they got a little loud with their talking, she would come over.”

So there you go. Pitt and Jolie are perfect. Their kids are perfect. Their lives are perfect.

Isn't that just perfect?