Way back on May 8, 2009, 'American Idol' hopeful Adam Lambert was honored in his hometown of San Diego by Mayor Jerry Sanders -- and thus was born Adam Lambert Day.

Even though it's now four years later, Glamberts everywhere are trying to get the event to trend on Twitter by using the hashtag #HappyAdamLambertDay.

Lo these many years ago, Sanders told Lambert and a huge crowd of his fans, "Anyone who would sing Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' and get a standing ovation is my kind of guy. So I want to congratulate you. All of San Diego is tremendously proud of what you’ve done and we’re excited for you. We know you will be the next Idol."

Good thing Sanders doesn't make his living reading tea leaves -- Adam came in second, but given his performances, many people are still surprised he didn't win. And regardless, Adam Lambert Day is still celebrated in the Twitterverse.

In 2010, Glamberts were successful in their efforts to get the hashtag #AdamLambertDay trending, and in 2011, they did the same with #LambertDay. Unfortunately, attempts in 2012 failed, so the Official Adam Lambert site is trying again this year.

Good luck, Glamberts! And may the Lambert be ever in your favor.

Watch a Hometown Interview from the First Adam Lambert Day

UPDATED: Looks like all the hard work paid off:

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