Some babies cry pretty much all the time like a shrieking siren of doom -- except apparently when Adam Lambert is rocking them to sleep with his voice. And he doesn't even need to be in the room to do it.

As proof, we present this video of an infant who won't stop squalling unless he's listening to the velvety voice of the Glam One.

"When our 6-week-old baby doesn’t stop crying, there’s only one thing that can rescue us… And that’s Adam Lambert – 'Never Close Your Eyes (Radio Edit).' The healing powers of this record are remarkable," the baby's mama posted on YouTube. "Please let me know if it cures any other babies."

Asked by viewers if her tot is equally calmed by other music, she responded, "Nope, this is the only song it works with."

So you know what to do, exhausted mothers. Buy an Adam Lambert cutout and hide a boombox behind it that plays his music on a constant loop. Apparently it's the same sound the baby hears while in the womb.

How's that for a parenting tip?

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