Aaron Carter dated Hilary Duff in 2003.

That's 10 years ago. That's more than one-third of each of their entire lives up to this point.

And he's still not over her.

Carter revealed that he pines for Duff to this day on Instagram, posting a vintage photo of the pair with the caption, "Yup, I definitely loved this girl."

Carter's reminiscence didn't end there. Eyewitnesses at his concert last night (Sept. 19) report that the 'I Want Candy' singer "admits to cheating on his girlfriend, waiting for eight years to get back together with her, but now she is married to a hockey player and has a son."

Does that sound like anyone you may have heard of? Maybe someone who just dyed her hair?

Aaron, we know it's your party (and you can cry if you want to), but you gotta move on. Too bad Lindsay Lohan is off the market, too.


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