It’s always fun to see celebrities behaving like us regular folks and award nights like the 2013 Grammys seem to be a great time for that.

Sure, some of them are dressed in clothes we’ll never even get near and they rub elbows with people who seem to live on a different planet from us, but then there are the ones who act as excited as we would to be around other celebrities. Or, they sit at home and snark on the stars just like we do.

Here are some celebrity tweets about the Grammys that made us feel like they’re all just one of us. Except their follower counts might be a bit higher.

Joel McHale kicked things off and kept us entertained with the Grammys from his perspective. If we can get some of those snickerdoodles, we’ll root for his Grammy too.

Juliette Lewis joined in on the fun from home with a little drinking game. She seemed to have lasted through the entire show, but we’re guessing she’s built up a pretty good tolerance.

Despite the fun of an LL Cool J lip-licking drinking game, most of the internet called for Neil Patrick Harris to host the Grammys. Tweets like this may indicate why.

And then he treats us to a backstage view.

Also happening backstage, clearly Alicia Keys enjoyed her Grammy moment and her secret Illuminati message dress.

It’s funny to see the stars get giddy over meeting each other, just like we would. Looks like Kathy Griffin may have caught Carly Rae Jepson acting like a fan.

Yep. She did.

Of course, Ellen wins Pic of the Night. And we can’t blame her.

It’s also amusing when uber-famous people suddenly realize other celebs know who they are. Cutie Underwood never fails to seem real.

Almost as real as Kelly Clarkson, who obviously had the best time getting to be in the same room with Adele.

Lena Dunham had a brush with destiny when she accidentally stood too close to Wiz Khalifa. Hopefully the contact high was enough to calm her fears.

And finally, it’s not unusual for Alfonso Ribeiro to tweet what many people were apparently thinking. We’re guessing he didn’t dance to it.

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