James Franco

That’s James Franco’s Crib
James Franco bought this pad for the affordable -- by L.A. standards -- price of $775,000 from Emmy-winning costume designer Katherine Jane "Janie" Bryant (if you love the duds on 'Mad Men,' you have her to thank).
The Best Celebrity Fan Art
Celebrity fan art. Let's be honest, most of the time it's painfully awful. But sometimes, sometimes it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unless it's of Nic Cage, then it seems to be physically impossible to make good fan art.
James Franco in Drag
Writer/actor/poet/scholar/professor/grand marshall/artist/singer and one time cross-dresser James Franco has his hand in many makeup pots. Is there anything he won't do? Definitely not.
Franco donned his best French whore look in 2010 for the magazine Candy, and dude does not a pretty woman mak…
Anne Hathaway + James Franco
Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the ill-fated 2011 Academy Awards, during which Franco seemed to be merely a cardboard cutout of himself pretending to host a show, while Hathaway desperately flitted around waving her arms trying to bring some life to the ceremony for the both of them...

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