Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffin + Anderson Cooper
When CNN producers put Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper together five years ago, we aren’t sure they knew exactly the kind of monster they were creating. The two are oddly good together, bringing out the best and worst in each other and making NYE a special time for everyone -- incl…
Anderson Cooper vs. M.I.A.
No one tries to pwn Anderson Cooper and get away with it -- except for rapper M.I.A., who clearly didn't realize who she was dealing with and tangled with Cooper in March when she thought he called her a terrorist.
Farewell, ‘Anderson Live.’ We Hardly Knew Ye.
On Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, nobody finds out if they’re the father. Nobody ends up a sloppy, crying mess after an interview. Nobody throws things. Very few people get makeovers. He doesn’t give away piles of free stuff. There are no harpy women arguing loudly over each other about curren…

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