Lindsay Lohan isn't so much under the weather these days as she is under the table.

The actress has been in Brazil since Thursday (after being a royal pain in the ass for the cast and crew of FX's 'Anger Management'), where a savvy club-goer snapped the photo above of LiLo partying it up hours after landing.

The shot was accompanied by the following, roughly-translated missive: "Lindsay didn't want to take pictures with anyone and hid under the DJ's table." In other words, she acted a lot like Lindsay Lohan.

Linds is in South America to promote John John Denim -- a deal that will end in a pretty sweet $100,000 payout. She's also slated to attend a performance by boyfriend Avi Snow's band and Lollapalooza Brasil. Other obligations include three days of press junkets, a store appearance and a few parties.

Denim parties! The dream of the '90s is clearly alive in Brazil.

A source tells E! News that John John was slightly jittery about hiring Lohan, especially considering all the parties on her docket. She did make a photocall on time -- but the John John shirt she wore there (see below) is the same one she wore while chilling out beneath the DJ table. Win some, lose some.

Lindsay's reign of denim terror will tour the country until Monday, April 1, when she has to fly back to New York for her 90-day stint in imaginary rehab. (It's like regular rehab, but with unicorns.)

Stay classy -- not thirsty -- Linds.

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