During 2013's Ebertfest (which is a real thing that exists), actress Tilda Swinton surprised the audience with a dance-along to Barry White's 'You're the First, the Last, My Everything.' And participation was mandatory if you didn't want to look like a big buzzkill.

This is apparently a tradition during Swinton's film festivals in Scotland, so upon request from Roger Ebert's wife Chaz, Tilda adorably brought the practice to the late film critic's annual event in Virginia on Saturday, April 20.

Not one to let the crowd do all the work, Swindon gleefully joined the audience when the music began and lead a group of them through the aisles, Conga-line style.

Check out the entire video to see all the heart-warming fun (which we've gotta say is way more entertaining than watching Tilda lie about in a glass box for art).