Even though they're not a couple, Tiger Woods is a friend with huge benefits for Lindsey Vonn.

No, get your head out of the gutter. We mean use of his private jet.

TMZ reports that Olympic skier Vonn was competing at the Alpine World Championships in Schladming, Austria on Tuesday when she ran into a gate at full speed. Vonn was immediately airlifted to a local hospital and treated for knee and shinbone injuries.

Woods sent out his private jet to take Vonn home from Austria to recover stateside.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that the pair have been seeing each other for nine months, though neither will comment on the nature of their relationship outside of the occasional outright denial.

Given Woods' history, we can't say we blame Vonn for not wanting to taint her otherwise good name. And on the bright side for Woods, it'd take a lot more than golf clubs to put a dent in that mode of transportation should he screw up again.

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