The 2013 Emmys saw as many red carpet clunkers as they did show-stoppers. It reminded us of some of the biggest Emmy head-scratchers of all time, and we're talking dresses and outfits, not winners or nominees. We were left wondering what these stars -- and their stylists -- were thinking.

But at least they can look on the bright side since these outfits, while questionable, left quite an impression, even if they were not of the good sort. We're talking Joan Rivers' feather nest (2003), Lucy Liu's disco ball dress (2012) and screenwriter Tess Smith's wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen (2005).

Scroll through for the worst Emmy looks, ever! Sorry, ladies. We still love ya.

Everyone may love Raymond, her former TV hubby, but we did not love this striped, candy-cane-on-acid dress on actress Patricia Heaton.

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Oh, Babs! What were you thinking? The singer, actress and diva known as Barbra Streisand wore a cotton candy-colored sack in 2004 and we shook our heads, silently. She is and was too good for this!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Where do old disco balls go to die? Apparently, to Lucy Liu's dress, worn in 2012. The column "dress" looks like body armor.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

We're seeing that 2004 was a low point for the Emmys, as Sharon Stone's slinky, silky, peek-a-boo number was not flattering and showed a bit too much sideboob and tummy skin.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres' wife, Portia de Rossi, is gorgeous. They are the cutest couple ever, but PdR's strange, wide-legged pantsuit was frumpy, thanks to the muddy color.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Christina Applegate's sparkly red dress looked too Vegas showgirl back in 1999. Plus, she appeared alarmingly skinny.

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

Ashley Judd's hair was huge. So was that bow in the back of her dress. Too much of a bad thing is a bad thing, even on someone as gorgeous as Miss Judd, who donned this pink nightmare in 2012.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Why was Joan Rivers wearing a supersized Christmas wreath around her neck at the 2003 Emmys? Anyone? Anyone?

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

'Ally McBeal' was the hottest show on TV in 1999. The series' star Calista Flockhart mixed a crisp, button down --with a knot-- and a shiny, golden skirt. High-low mixes usually work. It didn't here.

Frank Micelotta, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Who is Tess Smith? She is a screenwriter. She also courted a wardrobe malfunction with her 2005 Emmys, uh, dress. Tacky, vulgar and inappropriate. Why not just go naked?

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images