Perhaps the most controversial reality show star on 'Teen Mom 2,' Jenelle Evans, was caught on a dash cam during her boyfriend's Sept. 7 DUI arrest, claiming that he was only pulled over for driving recklessly in the first place because they were frantically trying to get home so they could have sex.

She also claims that she and Nathan Griffith certainly weren't trying to do it while driving.

Side note: It should be noted that while Jenelle is currently still legally married to ex Courtland Rogers, she has been dating Griffith for over a month.

When pulled over and asked by police why their car was weaving in and out of traffic, Evans can be heard replying, "Honestly, we were trying to have sex."

However, Evans says she wasn't touching Griffith while she was driving. They were being safe and waiting until they were home to do that. She also said that she did take two shots and have two drinks that night, but no drugs were involved.

Griffith was arrested for "DUI, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license."

Evans arrived later to bail him out for $5,000.

Of course, she's no stranger to jail herself. She recently served 48 hours for failing a drug test while accepting a plea deal that released her from jail time.

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