In news that makes our little icy hearts soar and swell, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are officially working it out.

Radar Online reports that the so-cute-it's-almost-offensive couple are definitely calling off their split and making their marriage work.

“Danny has been moving heaven and earth to win Rhea back -- and it has worked,” a source said. “He pampered her with spa treatments, took her out for expensive dinners and made sure she felt special again."

The source added, “It was a necessity. Danny kind of took Rhea for granted for a few years and their marriage went stale because of that."

The pair announced their separation in October, cutting us to the quick, but the diminutive DeVito claimed even back then that he was determined to win Perlman back into his good graces -- even getting help from Michael Douglas along the way.

“[Danny and Rhea] rarely did anything together and he was distracted with filming 'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' which meant their marriage took a hit," the insider said. "But now, it’s on the mend. Danny hasn't got a better friend on this planet than Rhea. They are the perfect couple, share the same playful sense of humor and were made for each other."

Unless you happen upon a basket of koalas being carried by kittens, we don't think you'll find anything more adorable than that today. 

You're welcome.

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