Things not to do when you're third in succession to the British royal throne: get drunk and naked in Vegas while near any sort of photographic equipment. Unfortunately for Prince Harry, he learned this the hard way last summer -- and is just now responding to the mini-scandal that ensued.

"It was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It's a simple case of that," Harry-No-Last-Name explained during an interview while stationed in the Middle East.

The 28-year-old Prince of Wales and member of the British Army was partying before being sent to Afghanistan last year when things got a little rowdy and naked.

"At the end of the day I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down," he admitted. "[But] I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy that one should expect."

So he's at fault, but not totally at fault. Also, his use of the phrase "private area" was a rather unfortunate one, given the circumstances.

But he said it all turned out okay: "Back home all my close friends rallied round me and were great."

Another supporter? Carolyn G. Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas. She's ecstatic Harry is back on native soil and wants him to come back to her city as soon as possible.

"Prince Harry is always welcome in Las Vegas. When he was here everyone was talking about it. We welcome him back with open arms,” she gushed.

Maybe her rolling out of the red carpet (Harry's or otherwise) has something to do with the $23 million in free advertising her city enjoyed after his last visit. Or maybe she just wants another shot to prove that what happens in Vegas actually stays in Vegas.

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