As if being four months pregnant with her second child and taking care of a precocious two-year-old isn't hard enough, Mackenzie Douthit from 'Teen Mom 3' has also broken her foot.

We feel like she may have entered Murphy's law territory.

Douthit shared the news on her Twitter, briefly writing, "Just glad my foot is the only thing broke. Took a pretty hard fall," later adding, "Someone .... anyone is more than welcome to come over and be with me today."

Due to her injury, Douthit is unable to walk and shared the Vine video (above) in which she's driving around Walmart in a motorized chair. In the Vine caption she jokes, "I think I might be the coolest mom at Walmart today."

Something tells us she's not too stoked to be recorded in this vulnerable and embarrassing state.

On the plus side, at least she has both of her hands -- which means she can knock on wood with confidence.

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