In an attempt to be more relevant, Hasbro recently revealed that it would be ousting one of its long-standing tokens from the classic board game Monopoly and replacing it with a new token of the internet's choosing.

So ... farewell, iron! Hello, cat! (Don't act so surprised that an internet poll resulted in a cat victor.)

The decision was left up to anyone with a Facebook account through the Save Your Token campaign on Hasbro's FB page. Participants were given the option of which piece got the boot (hipsters everywhere are so glad it wasn't the old boot) and which one would be welcomed into the pantheon of Monopoly pieces.

Options for possible new tokens included a guitar, helicopter, engagement ring, robot, and the newly crowned winner: a cat, the first new piece to be added since the 1950s when the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were brought into the fold.

Voting closed on Tuesday (Feb. 5) with the iron, wheelbarrow and boot being the least popular, but it was the iron that was ultimately out of a job. We hope it enjoys its new life in Monopoly Purgatory.

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