Did you guys catch 'Mad Men' this week? In the episode, titled 'The Crash,' the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce gang receives some questionable injections of a "stimulant" from a doctor, and stuff gets pretty wacky. Relive the best moments from this week's episode with these amazing GIFs!

'The Crash' is easily one of the best episodes of the entire series -- the ad agency has to work on a series of pitches for Chevy, its new and very demanding account. Employees are going to have to stay the whole weekend to do it, though, so Jim Cutler (the amazing Harry Hamlin) calls in his doctor friend to give them all a little medicine.

But it's not medicine at all -- it's a shot made up of "complex B vitamins and a stimulant," so basically it's like MDMA or speed or something.

Everyone in the office, save for a few (Peggy chooses to get her drink on, instead -- go, Peggy), get the shot and they all start acting like crazies. Ken Cosgrove does an amazing monologue and dance number, and Stan pretty much has a death wish.

If you missed any of it or just want to enjoy it all over again, check out these awesome GIFs below: