It's time to watch some holiday movies and get in the spirit of the season, and what better way to do that than with one of our favorite Christmas movies, 'Love Actually' -- in GIF form, obviously.

We thought it would be fun to celebrate the holidays by bringing you guys some of the best GIFs from one of our favorite Christmas movies, 'Love Actually.' It has everything! Love, drama, love, Hugh Grant dancing, Mr. Bean, love, Keira Knightley (who is so amazing in everything she does), love, Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy!), one of the cutest kids ever, and Christmas -- of course.

As you know, Christmas is all around, and love is all you need.

So here, without further comment, are some of the best GIFs from 'Love Actually' to get you in the Christmas spirit and remind you that it's all about those warm and fuzzy feelings. Okay, and it's about presents, too. Who doesn't love some presents? That's why we like to refer to these GIFs as Christmas GIFs.

Get it? Christmas GIFs!

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