We got a little jolt of excitement for LL Cool J’s new album ‘Authentic’ when he hosted the Grammys back in February. This will be LL's first new release since 2008’s ‘Exit 13,’ and we kinda feel like it’s about time.

We're also getting little Twitter teasers that indicate that none other than Eddie Van Halen may show up on the album, too.

Today, March 14, the pic above popped up in both LL's and Eddie's timelines. And just a few days ago, the guitar legend shared this pic of him and LL hard at work in the studio. So something is clearly going down.

If Eddie does do some work on the new album, it wouldn’t be the first time his magic crossed genres and spruced up a hip-hop tune. In 1988, Tone-Loc sampled ‘Jaime’s Cryin’ in his hit ‘Wild Thing,’ and if you appreciate classic rock and the '80s even a little bit, you already know that EVH played the guitar solo in Michael Jackson’s defining hit of the era, ‘Beat It.’

Keep teasing us, boys. We kinda like it.

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