Levi Johnston -- the famously fertile ex of Bristol Palin's -- and his newest receptacle Sunny Oglesby got married Oct. 28 in a belated shotgun wedding that was very possibly inspired by repeated airings of CMT's classic show 'My Big Redneck Wedding.'

Johnston's sister Mercede (whom you may recall was in the news for about four seconds last year thanks to a Playboy spread and some nasty public words about the Palin family) uploaded a photo of herself and the groom in his camo wedding regalia to share with the world. And for that, we thank her.

TMZ's exclusive photos of the nuptials include the groom decked out in his finest matching camouflage vest and bow-tie while the bride is resplendent in the occasional cowboy hat.

Johnston told Inside Edition he wanted to wear an entire camo suit, possibly to hide from the mess that is his life, but Oglesby wouldn't hear of it and insisted he go more traditional. Which of course meant a camo vest and bow-tie.

Other shots feature the couple lying down in a bed of roses for seemingly no reason, posed in front of haystacks, nauseatingly kissing (the tongue was a bit too much), and sometimes remembering they have a baby named after a firearm.

Johnston's first son, Tripp, was not able to attend due to a cancellation from the Palin family, something which likely left the Johnstons perpetually butt-hurt.

We'll let Mercede tell you all about it in the most eloquent tweet to ever be tweeted:

If you break out your Magic Decoder Ring, you might find there are actual words in there.

We hope all the guests at the Alaskan festivities enjoyed the taxidermy squirrel centerpieces and the traditional breaking of the PBR can.

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