It was pretty obvious when he recanted his accusations after just one day that the guy who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with him when he was just 16 years old was kind of a douche.

And now we know just how much of a douche he really is.

According to The Smoking Gun, his name is Sheldon Stephens, he's 24, and he has quite the colorful past.

As you'll recall, he spent some time this summer trying to make Clash’s bosses at the Sesame Workshop believe his statutory rape story -- presumably for hush money -- and then filed claims through the same attorneys who represented a victim in the Jerry Sandusky case. Again, presumably for money.

But just a day after the story went public this week, he took it all back. That cleared Clash, but made him publicly reveal he was gay in the process. Of course that's nothing to be ashamed of, but no one wants to come out in the process of declaring they're innocent of sexing up a teenager.

The Smoking Gun dug up info showing that on social media profiles, Stephens calls himself a "model and actor," although his credits are few and far between. He also started a management company, the most notable feature of which is its really bad spelling and grammar.

Stephens has also been in and out of jail for the past few years -- last May he was arrested for reckless driving, he was collared for passing a bad check in 2011, and he was charged with two felony counts of stolen property in 2009.

It's all easy to understand when you realize he didn’t fall too far from his family apple tree. Back in March of this year, his mother was dinged with attempted murder for stabbing her husband repeatedly with a pair of scissors.

We've all been involved with some losers, but Mr. Clash? It might be time to let someone else pick your men for a while. This one was certainly no prize.