Kevin Clash

In the Clear
A while back, 'Sesame Street' was thrown into turmoil when longtime Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash was accused of sexual activities with -- count 'em like a vampire -- three slightly underage boys and forced to resign.
But Bird Bird and the gang can now rest easy -- because, much like tho…
Kevin Clash Resigns
Kevin Clash isn’t having many sunny days, and has announced he's moved off of Sesame Street. (Apparently the Elmo puppeteer was bringing down the property values.)
In light of new underage sex allegations – that may or may not be true – Clash has resigned from the pop…
What a Gem
It was pretty obvious when he recanted his accusations after just one day that the guy who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with him when he was just 16 years old was kind of a douche.
And now we know just how much of a douche he really is.
Clash Cleared
The unidentified man who recently accused Kevin Clash, the voice and puppeteer who’s been bringing Elmo to life for almost three decades, of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with him when he was only 16 has now recanted his story.
Don't Tickle Me, Elmo
Kevin Clash, the actor who provides the voice for the popular 'Sesame Street' character Elmo, is taking a break from the show after allegations surfaced that he once had an inappropriate relationship with an underage teenager. (And no, we don't mean the 28 years he's spent with h…