For over a decade, Kelly Ripa co-hosted 'Live!' with Regis Philbin (after filling the impressive but wobbly shoes of Kathie Lee Gifford). But these days, Kelly and Reeg aren't the closest of friends.

Kelly was being interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter as one of its 35 most powerful people in media when she was asked if she keeps in touch with her 81-year-old former colleague.

"I haven't seen him, no," she replied curtly.


In staunch contrast, Ripa shed tears during Regis' final episode in 2011. Maybe someone didn't get a Christmas card?

Not sure whose underthings are in a twist here, but as a refresher, Kelly is a former soap actress who likely wouldn't be among media's power brokers had Philbin not chosen her to replace Gifford in 2001. So we hope she's not the one ignoring him.

Meanwhile, an industry insider told Radar Online that Kelly effed up, saying she “should have probably kept her mouth shut about not speaking to Regis since he left the show.” Probably.

“He’s still so beloved and missed," the source said. "Her comment makes it seem that all those years their relationship was just an act.”

We normally love you, Kel, but ... yeah. Sketchiness.

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