After they were seen canoodling at a party over Memorial Day weekend, rumors immediately ignited that Katy Perry and John Mayer were back together.

While this was a rude assumption that assumed neither of them had the self-control to maintain a platonic friendship, well ... it looks like it's probably true.

A hooded figure source tells E! News that the two are friendly once again, "hanging out" but "not putting a label on it.”

When the two broke up in March, Mayer said it was for good. But old habits die hard, and the two have allegedly been spotted together several times -- once during what was described as an "intimate date."

Certain reports suggested that Katy's continuous mentions of ex Russell Brand were what originally miffed Mayer and caused the breakup to begin with -- which could be a problem, since she's still close friends with him. 

“[John]’s never been in a relationship where he wasn’t the main focus all the time and it bothered him," an insider told Radar Online back in April. “Sure, Katy was unhappy that John constantly flirted with other girls and played up his heartbreaker image, even when she was standing next to him. But, Katy gave it back.

"She knew that she could push John’s buttons by comparing his flaws to what she saw was great in Russell, which he hated.”

If he didn't like her friendship with Russell, he's really gonna hate how chummy she's been lately with a newly-single Edward the Vampire.

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