A while back, interview and microphone-shy supermodel Kate Moss promised BBC1 listeners that if they donated at least £200,000 (that's roughly $300,000 USD) to the Comic Relief charity, she'd read an excerpt from “erotic” mom-porn novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' live on the air.

They did -- so on Thursday, March 14, Moss held up her end of the bargain.

"There's a reason I don't talk!" she admitted before launching into what was sure to be less horrifying than that time Gilbert Gottfried yelled about vaginas and other things someone with his voice should never utter aloud.

Dubbed 'Fifty Shades of Kate,' Moss put on her best sexy “I smoke at least a pack a day” voice and read a portion of the novel, probably the tamest part (if it has tame parts at all), before curling up in a ball and basically dying of embarrassment.

The fundraiser benefited the UK's Red Nose Day, which takes place today (March 15) and has held a much-anticipated telethon biennially since 1985.

Kate's contribution to the charity is the latest of many, having previously modeled T-shirts, auctioned off handbags and taken part in comedy sketches. This however, we put at the top of the list.

Maybe next time she'll even do the smutty parts.

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