Back in November, a journalist with a vendetta against Kate Gosselin complained at great length about the irresponsibility of the multiple mama swapping parenting duties with former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson -- and now we're all finally going to see it happen.

The duo's episode of 'Celebrity Wife Swap' is all set to air on Feb. 26. This according to ABC, which enjoys torturing bottom-tier celebrities for the good of mankind. (The species, not the wrestler.)

Gosselin obviously has the better deal here, getting one child and Kendra's handsome NFL hubbie Hank Baskett, while Wilkinson is transported into the life of a single mother of eight. Albeit one who somehow still has enough money to hire a nanny and a security guard to help her out.

Reporter/author Robert Hoffman previously said Gosselin's brood was confused by the entire situation and the little ones weren't allowed to tell anyone at school that they had new mom who's even more surgically enhanced than their own.

So don't forget to tune in and tally up all the emotional trauma they'll be sure to endure from Kate's last desperate bid for relevance. It's for the children, you guys.

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