It wasn't easy being a Mitt Romney backer during an election that resoundingly went to President Obama. Especially when you're political consultant Karl Rove and you refuse to believe the electoral college reality that's laid out before you.

Fortunately, the long-running cartoon 'The Simpsons' was well-prepared to subtly mock Rove's denial, making him the butt of yet another joke.

'The Simpsons' is known for changing up its opening credits, this time to ridicule the pundit's refusal to acknowledge an Obama win during his publicized FOX meltdown that led to much blabbering and nonsensical gibberish.

During the 'Simpsons' topical opener, bad-boy Bart Simpson is seen during detention writing out, “I will not concede the election until Karl Rove gives me permission.”

Pretty ballsy of the show, but not the first time the FOX cartoon has mocked its own network's "news" station.

Over the past several years, the beloved 'toon has referenced its popularity with racists and the elderly, and it celebrated 25 years on FOX by snubbing the news network in the process.

'The Simpsons': So powerful it can bite the hand that feeds it.

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