'Modern Family' star Julie Bowen, everyone's favorite TV mom since Carol Brady, may be a celebrity in her own right, but even she gets starstruck -- especially when she shares breathing space with Angelina Jolie.

“If I see Angelina Jolie, I have to look away. I just feel like maybe she's not real. She's like a unicorn,” Bowen told Health magazine in an interview.

“It’s like, ‘There’s Angelina Jolie. We’re not going to seriously stand here and pretend it’s not like seeing a yeti, right?”

(Picture her saying this in the manner of Claire Dunphy for maximum comedic effect.)

We're not sure who else Bowen finds so intimidating, but maybe you'll get to see her ZOMG IT'S A MYTHICAL CREATURE face this Sunday at the Emmys, where she and the rest of her 'Modern Family' co-workers are nominated for 14 trophies.