Awards season was a rather busy and stressful time for the very – VERY – popular Jennifer Lawrence. She was the darling of every show and her clothes seemed determined to sabotage her at every turn.

Is it any wonder she needs to chillax – yeah, we’re bringing it back – a bit while she’s working in Hawaii? As the glaucoma patients would say, “Dude. It’s Hawaii. Cowabunga. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.”

Our celebrity BFF is in the Aloha State to shoot scenes from the next installment in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise. She’s got her hair back to Katniss Everdeen's dark brown, and she’s ready to get busy.

Just as soon as she takes a little break with a good friend of hers and – allegedly – a good friend of Chong’s.

Judging by photos taken from afar of the actress on the balcony of her luxury suite in a Hawaiian hotel, the newly-crowned Oscar winner enjoyed some wine, some laughs, a hug and, very possibly, a blunt with a pal.

She’s in Hawaii. She probably just spent the day whaling on a bow and arrow. She’s been on quite a roller coaster for the last few months. She's human. Just don’t be surprised if the next set of paparazzi photos are of her with a cart full of Cool Ranch Doritos at the local grocery.