Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence. (We were kind of hoping she'd show up if we did that, but apparently that only works in movies.)

In a new interview, the adorable actress and everyone's imaginary BFF proved yet again that she's just your average, hilarious, self-deprecating girl with an assload of money. Why a sonnet or a ballad hasn't been written about this chick yet, we do not know.

J. Law recently sat down with the UK's Fabulous Mag to talk about her fall at the Oscars, why heels make her uncomfortable and all the other things that make us want to send her friendship bracelets.

Said Lawrence of her Academy Awards tumble, "When I'm in high heels I feel like an ogre, I can't walk and my feet are uncomfortable.”

“I'm at that awkward height where I'm already kind of tall," the 5 foot 7 inch actress continued, "so when I put heels on, everyone is like: ‘Oh, well, where's the ball?’ ... I'm terrible in heels."

She also admitted she's not that comfortable walking the red carpet and doing interviews, saying, “It’s not my comfort zone. Making movies is where I belong. I shouldn’t be heard just talking ... When you put me on a red carpet or on a stage, I turn into Chihuahua Jennifer.”

Here are more tidbits from the interview:

How she feels about going out: "I do like going out but every time I’m out, I am always thinking about my couch. And I’m thinking I would probably be having more fun if I was on my couch right now."

How she feels about her fame: “I don’t ever walk around feeling famous. I walk around feeling the exact same way I have walked around my entire life, but it’s not until I talk to somebody and see in their eyes that I’m different. It makes me feel weird.”

How her family keeps her grounded: “My family is not the kind of family that would ever let me turn into an asshole or anything like that, so I am fortunate to have them.”

Why slapstick comedy makes her laugh: “I think when people run into things or people get hurt ... I know I just have a terrible reaction when I start laughing! Then I ask if anyone is okay. But I just think people falling down and getting hurt is classic hilarity.”