Last week, we showed you the ray of sunshine that was Christopher Walken cold-reading lines from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.' Now Mama June and the Boo herself get a little revenge -- by rattling off some of Walken's most famous dialogue.

During an appearance on 'The Screen Junkies Show,’ the ladies show everyone they can read (oh come on, you know you were wondering) when host Hal Rudnick hands them some of Walken's lines to recite.

While June admits she's "never seen one of his material," she and her precocious princess -- who looks like she's had a shot or two of that demonic go-go juice -- give it a whirl anyway, rattling off Walken passages from movies like 'True Romance' and 'Pulp Fiction,' plus the famous "more cowbell!" routine from 'Saturday Night Live.'

Hearing them read his lines isn't quite as funny as it was when he read theirs, but watching them stumble over the "big words" and seeing June genuinely ponder where that watch in 'Pulp Fiction' was hidden for so long is totally worth the price of admission.

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