Now that the new-and-improved Ghostbusters have found their villain, it's comforting to know they've got a couple of choice vehicles they can use to speed away into the opposite direction.

The 1984 fantasy-adventure film, which is being remade for 2016 with a brand-new team of heroes, is currently filming in Boston, and thanks to some brave Beantown sleuths (and the film's team, itself), we've got an inside look into filming.

Earlier this week, director Paul Feig gifted fans with a clear shot of the series' updated signature car (you can see it above), and a Facebook community page called "Ghostbusters Fans" has been supplementing his teaser with additional shots of the flick, which has recently filmed in the city's Chinatown area. The group has provided peeks at what appear to be Ecto-2 motorcycles, the movie set's video village and, as of this morning, some pretty intense stunt work. Wonder who that is crashing out onto Harrison Avenue!

Feig has also posted a detailed account of the nuts and bolts of the heroes' backpacks. Evidently, each is equipped with a "cryocooler pulse tube," "plasma ignition chamber" and "miniaturized superconducting proton synchotron," among other whosits and whatsits. Welp, they certainly look more effective than your traditional nightstick/walkie-talkie combo...

Ghostbusters will hit theaters on July 22, 2016, and the franchise has an all-male remake on the way, too.

What do you think of the new ghost-busting whip? If you're a big fan, tell us how you think everything's shaping up.

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